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What is UX/UI Design?

Updated: Jan 19

UX Design, is more than just wireframes, and pictures. (UX) or “User Experience” design, is the art of designing the ideal user experience for all types of products and or services. Don Norman said,

“It’s not enough that we build products that function, that are understandable and usable, we also need to build products that bring joy and excitement, pleasure and fun, and yes, beauty to people’s lives” (Don Norman (2009), in: Introduction to This Special Section on Beauty, Goodness, and Usability
This image has a women working on wireframes on her computer. She also has a tablet, where she has wireframes as well.
Wireframe Image

So, why does “User Experience” matter again?

To give you a real life example of this, think of the old ketchup bottle. Years ago, the bottle was made of glass. Opening the bottle, and pouring ketchup was a pain. I remember having to hit the bottle to get ketchup out, and getting the ketchup

onto the food was worse.

This was a bad user experience as

sometimes more ketchup than expected would come out. This was ultimately changed later, replacing it with a squeezable plastic bottle, which would allow a faster, and more controlled pour.

What is UI Design?

(UI) design or “user interface” design is focused on the “look” and “Style” of any software or computerized device. The user interface is the space where interactions between humans and machines occur, this is why both UX and UI are important when creating a product or in our case a website.

This image is showing a graphic designer work with a tablet

In Conclusion,

I hope this brief article, can help you understand what is UX/UI and why this is needed during a design process. Don't forget to like this post, and share if you can. From my family, team, and myself I wish you the best in your design journey.

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