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About Us

AMATI-TECH is not just a Design Studio; it's a creative hub nestled in the picturesque city of Amatitlán, Guatemala. Our team of two thrives in the vibrant cultural tapestry and natural splendor that defines our locale, just a short 46-minute drive from the bustling heart of 

This is a GIF video, that shows off the beauty of the city of Amatitlan, Guatemala

Guatemala City. As showcased in the video, our surroundings boast breathtaking lakes, majestic mountains, and awe-inspiring volcanoes. Amatitlán is more than a destination; it's an experience. The rich biodiversity and unique cultural heritage make it a haven for tourists worldwide, drawn to the allure of our scenic landscapes and warm hospitality. The genesis of our name, AMATI-TECH, is a fusion of "Amatitlan" and "Technology." Derived from the 

Nahuatl toponym, "Amatitlan" translates to "Near the amate," referencing a tree whose bark, steeped in pre-Hispanic history, and has been integral in paper-making. In the heart of Amatitlán, we don't just create designs; we weave stories inspired by the natural beauty and cultural richness that surround us. AMATI-TECH stands at the intersection of tradition and technology, embodying a harmonious blend that mirrors the essence of our captivating hometown. Welcome to a journey where creativity flourishes amidst the wonders of Amatitlán.

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Our Story

My name is Juan Paz, born and raised in Guatemala, Central America. I'm the one on the bottom left. I currently live in Amatitlan, Guatemala and I have 3 kids and a beautiful wife. I have been working design all my life. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Industrial Mechanics in Guatemala. Before getting into graphic design, I was designing industrial parts

This is Juan Paz, Co-Founder, Creative Director, & Designer in AMATI-TECH.

for local companies in Amatitlan in a workshop called "Barimer." This was the first "Mechanical Workshop," I had ever worked in after graduating. My goal as a kid was to become a Mechanical Engineer so after graduating, I wanted to continue my studies in my local University, but given the type of job I had I felt like more time was needed on my end to pursue this goal. So, I decided to stop working at this workshop and get a job in the call Center Industry in Guatemala where they offered bilingual speakers the opportunity to work for big tech companies like Google and Wix. They offered me a time schedule that I would need to pursue my goal to finish my professional schooling and so, I went for it. Here is where time justs starts flying, I get older my kids do too, and before I knew it 10 years had passed and I 

never started my university degree. For some reason I always had an excuse, whether it was money or time. I decided to look for an alternative as deep inside my goal had changed from wanting to work for a big Industrial Plant as an Engineer to wanting to have the freedom to do what I loved to do (designing stuff). By this time I was working for Wix, a big Web Builder. I started to notice that most people loved my suggestions for their sites, and I enjoyed getting to know new people and they enjoyed talking to me. This is when it all "clicked," why don't I just start working web design? I already have a background in technical design, why not do this? My eldest daughter was already 20 by this time and she also wanted to work design with me as she enjoyed design work also when she was younger. So we both decided to start a business together. My daughter's name is Lucrecia she is the one on the right. By the time she

graduated which was 2 years prior starting this business she was already working for another company. For which she has a lot of love for so she currently does design part time with the goal of doing this full time as we grow. 

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This is Lucrecia Soc Mejia, Founder of AMATI-TECH.
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