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We are a dynamic design studio driven by passion and creativity

Hey, Hola!

AMATI-TECH is not just a Design Studio; it's a creative hub nestled in the picturesque city of Amatitlán, Guatemala. Our team of two thrives in the vibrant cultural tapestry and natural splendor that defines our locale, just a short 46-minute drive from the bustling heart of Guatemala City.

As showcased in the video, our surroundings boast breathtaking lakes, majestic mountains, and awe-inspiring volcanoes. Amatitlán is more than a destination; it's an experience. The rich biodiversity and unique cultural heritage make it a haven for tourists worldwide, drawn to the allure of our scenic landscapes and warm hospitality.

The genesis of our name, AMATI-TECH, is a fusion of "Amatitlan" and "Technology." Derived from the Nahuatl toponym, "Amatitlan" translates to "Near the amate," referencing a tree whose bark, steeped in pre-Hispanic history, has been integral in paper-making.


In the heart of Amatitlán, we don't just create designs; we weave stories inspired by the natural beauty and cultural richness that surround us. AMATI-TECH stands at the intersection of tradition and technology, embodying a harmonious blend that mirrors the essence of our captivating hometown. Welcome to a journey where creativity flourishes amidst the wonders of Amatitlán.

Meet The Team

This is Lucrecia Soc Mejia, Founder of AMATI-TECH.

Lucrecia Mejia

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